tables and chairs in the open desk area of the greenest and brightest coworking space in Fueretventura

Coworking Fuerteventura: Your coworking space

A unique, and functional, coworking space is waiting for you in the heart of Fuerteventura. Expect fast wifi, large open spaces, a lush garden and a café for your work day away from home.


Not your average coworking space Fuerteventura.

Beautifully designed coworking and coliving space in the surf village of Lajares.

Wi-Fi (150 Mbps)
Open desks (over 50 spots)
Professional environment
Digital nomad community
On-site café & restaurant
Garden/pool & natural lights
Private room for calls 5e/hour
Join the community: remote workers networking over a delicious brunch in the garden of our coworking cafe in Lajares Fuerteventura
Coworking Fuerteventura Information

Pricing and time schedule.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 8 am - 6pm

  • 8-18h
  • Monday to Friday

Half day 5 e
Full day 10 e
3 days 27 e
5 days 43 e
10 days 75 e
1 month 150 e

  • 1/2 day = €5
  • 1 day = €10
  • 3 days = €27
  • 5 days = €43
  • 10 days = €75
  • 1 month = €150
remote worker enjoying her coffee while finishing her afternoon work in her favorite digital nomad coworking cafe in the Canary Islands

Why work with us?

remote worker enjoying some afternoon work from a hammac in our outdoor cowork with garden in Fuerteventura
 kiting on the lagoon in front of Surfescape Zanzibar beachfront apartments in Kiwengwa Zanzibar
Our community

Meet with inspiring and like-minded people.

We connect you to the Digital Nomad Community in Fuerteventura. Network for work opportunities, find friends for your daily activities, or simply open-up your horizon. Surfescape is more than just a place to stay.


Create your stay, your way.

Choose the package that suits you. Stay, work, surf, however you see it.

cosy table in one of the rare green gardens in Fuerteventura where you can eat your healthy brunch in Lajares