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Meet new people with Surfescape!

guests drinking a cocktail at Surfescape, one of the initiators of Fuerteventura’s digital nomad community
Expand your network

Make life-impacting encounters

Come meet other remote workers and digital nomads like you. Many of our guests are already living that lifestyle you are looking for and might even be looking to take on new business challenges. What better way to explore new business opportunities or meet partners in our cowork in a paradise setting?

 event attendees drinking a cocktail and chatting at the table during an afterwork networking event close to Corralejo Fuerteventura

Meet your sport mate!

Our Surfescape community is passionate about surfing, kiting and many other sports. During your stay, you’ll meet all types of sports addicts. Share a surf lesson or go for a kite-surf session together, we’ll give you all the tips needed.

David and Marco finishing their session after having met through the Surfescape kite surf community in Fuerteventura
Connect with us

Join the community!

Surfescape was the first coliving and coworking in Fuerteventura to target digital nomads towards the start of 2020. In fact, we were of the first to partner with several digital nomad apps and communities among which:


App to connect with Nomads near you who match your professional goals and interests.

Remote work community

Slack groups that offers you the opportunity to connect with like-minded remote workers in Fuerteventura.


Community of coworkers and surfers around the globe.