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Top things to do in Fuerteventura North

Top things to do in Fuerteventura North

Top things to do in Fuerteventura North

Fuerteventura is famous for its surf spots, kite spots, great weather and natural wonders.

Top things to do in Fuerteventura North

Things to do in Fuerteventura North

1. Sights – Fuerteventura North

2. Fuerteventura Outdoor Activities

3. Fuerteventura Free Activities  

4. Best beaches Fuerteventura North

5. Must see Fuerteventura North : towns and village

Sights: must-see places Fuerteventura North

North Shore Volcanos

It is a rather unfrequented and unique dirt road that is accessible from Corralejo and goes all the way to Lajares. It is a great choice for a sunrise or sunset, the road itself is really unique and gives you its best impression of planet Mars. You can park at the foot of every volcano to hike to each one, the hiking trails are easily visible. Our favorite volcanoes are Volcano Bayuyo with a great view on Corralejo and the volcano Calderon with the best crater and a view of Lajares as well as the North Shore of Fuerteventura.

Going up these volcanoes is 45 min hike maximum there and back.  That’s why we recommend to go there 1 hour before the sunset to enjoy the beauty of the golden hour. Volcano hikes are one the best things to do in Fuerteventura.

Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo

This is one of the most iconic areas of the island, it looks like the Sahara Desert and has direct access to beautiful white sand beaches on the East Coast. This area is 2.5km large and 10km long and great for getting lost, doing photoshoots or just taking in the sights. After that you can go to one of the many beautiful beaches on the east coast for a swim in the calm and turquoise waters.

Faro del Toston

The Toston lighthouse is located at the very end of the Fuerteventura North Shore road but more easily accessed from the town of Cotillo.

The light house sits on the very Northern end of the island and is surrounded by beautiful lagoons and wide open seas, definitely a must -see in Fuerteventura, it is quite the spectacle on days of big Atlantic swells.

North shore fuerteventura: road, beaches and surf spots

The North track is one of the most famous road of the island, this long dirt road connect the east coast and the west coast of Fuerteventura, from Corralejo to El Cotillo. Take half a day to discover all the beaches and surf spots on offer along this road, there is a bit for everyone and it is beautiful and wild. Here are some of the places of interests along this road:

Pop corn beach

Peculiar beach filled with white ‘pop corns’ that are actually pieces of coral that detached from the reef and washed up on the beach. It is really worth the sight, but please don’t take home anything from the beach, otherwise it won’t be a ‘pop corn beach’ anymore in a couple of years.


An incredible and preserved fishermen village with a beautiful beach and surf spots! Come at high tide if you want to enjoy a swim.

El Hierro

One of the most popular surf spots of Fuerteventura.

Lagoon del Toston

Before reaching the end of the road, you’ll come across an incredible lagoon that looks to be straight out of postcard. If you come at high tide, you’ll see the crystal clear water with the Toston Lighthouse in the background, a must see on the North Shore of Fuerteventura.

Los Lobos (Islote de Lobos)

The island of Lobos sits right in front of Corralejo a mere 15 minutes away by boat. It is definitely worth a visit, it has endemic plants that can only be found on this island! Really the island is unique and you can hike around it in 2h30min. We recommend to take at least half a day to enjoy the island fully, and even more if you want to have lunch and spend an afternoon at the los lobos beach there. The island is mostly deserted but there is a tiny village, el Puertito, with an incredible white sand beach and a delicious and cheap local restaurant (try the paella!). you can easily spend a full day here and feel as if you’ve traveled to another timeline.

Grab a boat from the Corralejo harbor, you shouldn’t pay more than 15 euros there and back. Discover one of the best things to do in Fuerteventura.

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Outdoor Activities Fuerteventura

Above all, Fuerteventura is famous for welcoming water sports enthusiasts, be it wind surfing, surfing, kite surfing or foiling, the island is the perfect place for winds and waves all year round. In addition to that, it is also the perfect winter training ground for trail runners, hikers and cyclists as there are hundreds of volcanoes to be discovered and beautiful asphalt roads going through mountains and deserts.

Let us present you some of the main activities in Fuerteventura:

Surf Lessons

Whether you never touched a surf board in your life, or if you are an intermediate surfer looking to improve, Fuerteventura is the perfect place for your surf lessons. Indeed, the island is home to such a large variety of surf spots you can find perfect conditions every day for your surf lessons. The North of the island is the best place for surfing and Lajares is in the center of it all. You can book surf classes with Surfescape directly online or onsite. We have our own surf school and surf teacher that will take you to the best surf spots adapted to your level with maximum 4 persons per class for optimal improvement. If you feel already confident in surfing you can also rent a board as we offer board rental for all levels.  

You can check our Fuerteventura surf spot guide for more information on surf spots in Fuerteventura.

Kite Surf Lessons (also wind surf and wing foil)

Fuerteventura literally means ‘strong winds’, so you can guess why the world Kite games take place here every year. In the summer, there is guaranteed wind every day and the rest of the time there is on average 4 days of the week with enough wind for kitesurfing.

There are kite spots everywhere but some of the best ones are all located within 15 min from Lajares.

We organize kite classes for our guests and have many partners to suggest for other wind-related activities. Don’t hesitate to check our kite surf spot guide canary islands and kite surfing guide to Fuerteventura for more information about kite surfing on the island.

Dune Buggy Tour

Fuerteventura’s desertic landscapes and numerous volcanoes make for an amazing playing ground for dune buggies! There are many tour operators with which you can go riding in the desert with your own buggy. It is a guaranteed hell of a time, sun glasses and face cover are more than recommended!

Boat excursions

Fuerteventura being an island in the middle of the Atlantic, boats are a huge part of life out here. There are many different options for boat excursions from the Corralejo Harbor here are a few of them:

Lobos Tour

4 hour sailing tour around the island of Lobos: Enjoy half a day on a catamaran around Lobos with stops for snorkeling, paddle boarding and kayaking

Dolphin watching Fuerteventura (and whales!)

1,5h Whale and dolphin watching tour: Get onboard and experience the proximity of some of nature’s most incredible creatures!

Fishing Excursion

Grab a boat from the Corralejo Harbor and head for a fishing tour around the island of Lobos.

Jet Ski

Get ready for the thrill of speed and engine roaring, it might not be the most ecological activity but damn is it fun.

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Free Activities Fuerteventura

Hiking / Trail Running Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is home to dozens of volcanos and you can get to the top of every one of them! There is no better way to watch a sunrise or a sunset than going up these marvels of nature. Check out this website to find all the best hiking trails in Fuerteventura.

Snorkeling Fuerteventura

Probably one of the easiest and most rewarding activity, on clear days you only need a tuba and a mask to uncover the wildlife hiding under the ocean. Check out this website for all infos on the best snorkeling spots Fuerteventura.

Road Tripping Fuerteventura

The asphalt roads in Fuerteventura are perfectly maintained and go through unique landscapes. As a result, going for a drive South through the mountains turns into an amazing experience. Moreover, there are dirt tracks accessible with a normal car, that run through the North and the south of the Island. It is worth discovering the North Shore Track as well as the track to Punta Jandia and playa de Cofete. Check out this guide about the best roads to drive in Fuerteventura.

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Best beaches Fuerteventura North

El burro (Glasbeach) – East Coast Fuerteventura

Beautiful beach in the middle of the Parque Natural de Las Dunas de Corralejo, with a volcano in the background and absolutely unique desert sceneries. Perfect to enjoy a swim in the calm waters of the Fuerteventura East Coast.

La Concha – El Cotillo beach

Calm and crystalline waters await in this paradise of a beach just North of Cotillo. There is a bar directly on the beach that is great for a sunset, some drinks and fresh fish or tapas.

Playa de Esquinzo

Another beach that is hard to reach but worth the trip! Take the dirt track leaving from Cotillo for about 10 minutes and reach this piece of paradise surrounded by high cliffs and protected from the wind. Warning though, the beach access is difficult and requires agility.

Corralejo Beaches

The town of Corralejo is home to 4 beaches right in the center of the city. The Corralejo bay is the promise of calm waters and beach bars everywhere for a great afternoon at the beach

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Must-see town and villages Fuerteventura North


Surfescape decided to settle in the marvelous town of Lajares because of its unique vibe, white houses, volcano views, artistic scene and proximity to the best beaches, and surf spots and kitesurf spots, of the island. During your stay, you’ll have plenty of time to discover the towns restaurants and cafés as well as the craft market and artsy shops.

El Cotillo

Cotillo is a beautifully preserved fisherman’s town on the west coast, 10 minutes from Lajares. The houses are white and the feeling of the old town preserved. The Cotillo old harbor hosts plenty of little restaurants and cafés to enjoy as well as a great atmosphere. In addition to that, Cotillo is surrounded by two beautiful beaches, La Concha which is perfect for sunbathing and swimming as the water is always still, and Piedra Playa which is a good beach for beginner surfers in small days.


The most touristic town of the north of the island, it has been relatively taken over by big tourist resorts, but it is home to nice beaches, bars and restaurant and it is where most surfers coming for a week holiday decide to stay.

Top things to do in Fuerteventura North
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