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Things to do in Lajares

Things to do in Lajares

 Things to do in Lajares

Welcome to Surfescape! Thanks for choosing us for your stay in beautiful Lajares, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

Things to do in Lajares

Best things to do in Lajares, Fuerteventura

1. Must see places Lajares

2. Activities Lajares

3. Best Restaurants Lajares

4. Best bars Lajares

5. Lajares info : surf shops, fashion, craft…

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Sights: must-see places Lajares

Volcano Lajares - Volcano Calderon

The volcano Calderon in Lajares is one of the most easily accessible volcano crater Fuerteventura. In addition to that, it has a beautifully defined, and photogenic, round crater that is really impressive to discover as you reach the top. It is an easy and short hike from the center of Lajares. You should count approximately 30 minutes to reach the top. If you have rented a car, you can also take the Volcano road visible on the map. It is a rather unfrequented and unique dirt road that is accessible from Corralejo and goes all the way to Lajares. It is a great choice for a sunrise or sunset, the road itself is really unique and gives you its best impression of planet Mars.

Lajares market – Artisan market Lajares

The beauty of Lajares and the fact that it is so well preserved from mass tourism, make it an ideal place to stay for artists of the island.

The Lajares Market takes place every Saturday and welcomes the best artists of the island. You can find clothes, handcrafted jewelry, sculptures, photographs etc… They also have a DJ and live music! Therefore this Fuerteventura Market is a great opportunity to discover Lajares at its liveliest and enjoy fresh food and coffee from the Lajares best cafés and restaurants.

Surfing & Kitesurfing

Lajares‘ position, in the center of Fuerteventura North, make it an ideal place to stay for surfers and kite surfers in Fuerteventura. Indeed, it is the closest place to the north shore fuerteventura surf spots, such as el Hierro.

You are in the heart of the island and in the best position to go surfing on the west coast Fuerteventura or the east coast, depending on the wind and waves conditions. We are only a 15 minutes car ride to the surf spots and kite spots of el Cotillo and Corralejo. Go check out our surf spot guide Fuerteventura and our guide to kite surfing Fuerteventura, for more detailed information and an interactive map of all the spots.

Fuerteventura North Shore: Cotillo – Lajares – Corralejo

One of the most famous road of the island, and the promise of beautiful beaches, great surf spots and amazing views. Take a car or a bike and enjoy some of the greatest sights of the island.

Discover Pop Corn beach, Majanicho Village, the Toston lighthouse, the clear water lagoons and the beautiful nature of rocks and sand. The interactive map shows you all the main points of interests along the road.

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Activities Lajares Fuerteventura

There are so many things to do in Lajares, first of all, there are all the water related activities (surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, SUP, boat excursions…). In addition to that, there are a lot of other outdoor related activities such as skateboarding, trail running, hiking, mountain biking, cycling… So you’ll be sure to find activities that fit your needs.

Surf Lessons

You can take surf lessons with our surf school Lajares, we guarantee classes of maximum 4 people and we take you to the best spots everyday. You have to come experience the thrill of surfing. We will take you to the best beginner surf beaches Fuerteventura and give you a surf course tailored to your needs!

You can check our Fuerteventura surf spot guide for more information on surf spots in Fuerteventura or you can book surf lessons directly with our surf school Fuerteventura.

Book your lessons now!

Kitesurfing Lessons

Once again, Lajares is one of the best location for kite surfing has you are closest to the most famous kitesurf spots Fuerteventura. Depending on the wind orientation you can kitesurf Cotillo, kitesurf Corralejo or on the Fuerteventura North Shore. All these spots are a maximum 15 min car ride from our kite camp fuerteventura.

There are kite spots everywhere and during the Fuerteventura wind season you can kite everyday!

We organize kite classes and more for our guests, so don’t hesitate to check our kite surf spot guide canary islands and kite surfing guide to Fuerteventura.

Book your lessons now!

Fuerteventura Yoga Classes

Take yoga lessons Fuerteventura now! In our yoga studio Lajares, there are yoga lessons everyday. We offer a variety of lessons such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin yoga classes Fuerteventura. Discover why so many people come to do yoga Fuerteventura and yoga Corralejo. Indeed, integrating a yoga routine into your daily life is a game changer for your mental and bodily health.

Book your classes now!

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Best cafe Lajares

Best Healthy Cafe Lajares

Surfescape: Our Lajares cafe and restaurant proposes a 7 euros breakfast buffet that will make your morning start with a bang. We even serve bananas from our garden! Come enjoy your healthy breakfast Fuerteventura in Surfescape! In addition to that, you can use our coworking cafe area if you need to do remote work!

Amiga Mia: Located at the entrance of Lajares, you can’t miss Amiga Mia. they serve delicious food and coffee but there are very limited seating spots. It’s a great option for takeaway healthy food Fuerteventura

El Arco: This place really focuses on coffee, the owner goes out of his way to offer you unique and premium coffees, it is located on the Lajares main road and a great option for breakfast Lajares.

Best restaurant Lajares

Surfescape: Discover our Lajares restaurant where, in addition to a 7 euros breakfast buffet, we serve delicious vegan and healthy cuisine, and creative dishes at affordable prices that you will love to enjoy.  Coming to our Fuerteventura restaurant is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your day. Enjoy the sun and your lunch by the pool!

La Bodega: This is one of the classier restaurant of Lajares unlike most Corralejo restaurants, la Bodega propose a gastronomical experience whilst still keeping decent prices. A must visit restaurant in Lajares, reservations are recommended.

Canela Cafe: It is a shame that they have such a small outside area, but otherwise the Canela Cafe proposes very diverse food, snacks and drinks. It is a great value for money and the staff is adorable.

Best bars Lajares – Going out Lajares

Fuerte Vida: The best bar Lajares is the Lajares bar Fuerte Vida! You can expect good vibes and ever flowing beers and cocktails. It is possible to eat there as well. The place is unique, 100% outside and gives you the feeling of being in a trailer park in the south of the USA. Head there before the sunset and enjoy your after surf Lajares, it is the Lajares bar with the most party atmosphere.

Agua Tiki Bar Lajares: without a doubt the best cocktails Lajares! Great food and friendly staff, not really the place to go out late and dance but definitely a great atmosphere. And if you want to

Canela Cafe: Every Wednesday, the Canela Cafe holds live music in Lajares and it is a great atmosphere, go there for your dinner and you might end up spending the night!

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 Things to do in Lajares
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