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The guide to Kitesurfing in the Canary Islands

The guide to Kitesurfing in the Canary Islands

The guide to Kitesurfing in the Canary Islands

Discover our kite surf camp in Fuerteventura, our atmosphere is unique, and so will be the time you spend with us.

Kitesurf Guide Canary Islands

Kitesurfing in the Canary Islands should be on every kite surfer’s bucket list. There are hundreds of kitesurf spots in the Canary Islands, consistent trade winds, and a diversity of kitesurf camps for all levels. In this guide we will talk about the best canary island for kitesurfing, the best season for kite surfing in the Canary Islands, the best kitesurf spots in Fuerteventura, the best kitesurf camps fuerteventura…

Kitesurf Canary Islands

Learning to kitesurf in the Canary Islands, is one of the best option in the all of Europe. Indeed, the water is warm, there are many kitesurf spots in the Canary Islands adapted to beginners, and the proximity of the Sahara Desert ensure constant Atlantic trade winds from the North East from May to September/October. And besides the optimal conditions for kitesurfing in the Canary Islands, you can enjoy all of the islands’ unique landscapes, white sandy beaches, Volcano craters, good weather all year, authentic fishermen’s villages and vibrant towns with affordable food and drinks.

The Canary archipelago is made of 7 main islands, you can go kitesurfing in TenerifeLanzaroteFuerteventuraLaPalmaLaGomeraGranCanaria, ElHierro. But there is more kitesurfing in FuerteventuraTenerifeLanzarote than the other islands. We chose to settle our kitesurf camp in Fuerteventura, because we think it is the best island for kitesurfing in the Canary. The name Fuerteventura, literally means ‘strong winds’, who doesn’t want to go kite surfing in Fuerteventura (strong winds)? We will explain in later chapters why Fuerteventura is the best canary island for kitesurfing and home to our kitesurf camp.

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Kitesurf season Canary Islands – What is the best season for kitesurfing in the Canary Islands?

Kitesurf Season Canary Islands

The Canary Islands only have two seasons, spring and autumn, they enjoy really good weather all year, never too cold and rarely too hot. Don’t get us wrong, you can always go kitesurfing in the Canary Islands; no matter the season. Wind is very consistent here, especially in Fuerteventura, as it is the closest to the Sahara Desert.

But if we want to be precise, there are three kite surf season in the Canary Islands: high season (April, May, June, July, August), mid-season (September, October and March) and low season (November, December, January, February).

Wind Season Fuerteventura

During the high season for kitesurfing in Fuerteventura, you can be sure to have enough wind for 5 kite surf lessons in a one-week stay. You can expect winds over 20 knots everyday. Therefore, the period between April and August, is the best season for kitesurfing in the Canary Islands. The trade winds are guaranteed every day. This is why we love wind season in Fuerteventura. And we chose this island in particular because it it the windiest in the Canary archipelago

Low and medium season

The medium and low season for kitesurfing in Fuerteventura,Canary Islands range from September to January. During this season you can expect bigger wave but less guaranteed winds. But still, you could easily fit at least 3 kite sessions in a week. All in all, you can practice kitesurfing in the Canary Islands all year around.

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Best season for kitesurfing Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura kite surf season answers to the same rule as all the other Canary Islands, but its wind statistics are just a little bit better than for kitesurfing in Tenerife for example. This is one of the reasons why we decided to set up our kite surf camp in Fuerteventura. Read below and discover more about kitesurfing in Fuerteventura.

Our kitesurf camp is located, on the little piece of paradise, that is Fuerteventura. The island of Fuerteventura is the second biggest after Tenerife, but it is also one of the least populated. Its proximity to the Sahara Desert makes it an optimal location for receiving strong winds all year. It is one of the kite capitals of Europe. Let us guide you through why Fuerteventura is the best place for kitesurfing in the Canary Islands.

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Kite surf Spots Fuerteventura

The diversity and quality of the kitesurfing spots Fuerteventura, make it a dream destination for kiters of all levels. We describe all the main kite spots Fuerteventura in a dedicated article. Below you will find a shortlist of the main kitesurf spots but please follow this link for more details about the kite surf spots Fuerteventura.

Beginner and intermediate Kite surf spots Fuerteventura: Flag Beach, Costa Calma, Laguna del Toston

Best Kite surf spots Fuerteventura: Sotavento, Majanicho, Mejillones, Puerto Lajas, Cotillo

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Kite surf camps Fuerteventura

There are a variety of kite camps in Fuerteventura. Most of them are located either in the North (Lajares, Corralejo, Cotillo) or in the South of the island (Costa Calma). We chose to settle our kitesurf camp Fuerteventura in the beautiful town of Lajares. Indeed, in Lajares you are in the most central position. Depending on the conditions you can do your kite lessons in the east, the north or the west coast of the island. Every day we make sure that you are going kitesurfing in Fuerteventura in the best possible conditions.

Types of Kite camps Fuerteventura

There are different types of kite camps in the canary islands: all inclusive kite camp, kite houses, hostel atmosphere, kite camps with private rooms

At Surfescape Fuerteventura we decided to give our clients the best possible experience by giving them freedom of choice. It means that you can choose as many kite surf lessons as you want. We also offer yoga classes, private double or triple room, apartments to rent… In addition to that, we have a delicious café and restaurant on site, as well as a coworking space for remote workers and a swimming pool. We also have our own surf school, if the wind is not cooperating or if you want to try something new.

The guide to Kitesurfing in the Canary Islands
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