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Lobos Island - Visit the island of Lobos

Lobos Island - Visit the island of Lobos

Lobos Island - Visit the island of Lobos

Lobos island is a natural wonder sitting at a 15 minutes boat ride from Corralejo.

Lobos Island -Visit the island of Lobos

Despite being so close to Corralejo, setting foot on Lobos is like a trio in space an in time at the same time. The deserted landscape contrast with the tropical-looking water and the diversity of landscapes, on such a small piece of land, is absolutely astonishing. If you are in Fuerteventura Canary Islands, you must visit the islet of Lobos and spend a memorable day.

All info Lobos Island - Prepare your day trip!

Authorisation to visit the Islote de Lobos Natural Park

Due to the size of the island of Lobos, and in order to preserve it from the impact of tourism, the visits are limited to 400 people per day (200 in the morning and 200 in the afternoon), for a duration of 4 hours. It is very easy to get an authorization Lobos island on this website.  

Lobos Boat – How to get to the island of lobos from Corralejo?

How to get to the island of Lobos? The easiest and fastest way to get to Lobos from Fuerteventura is by boat from the Corralejo Harbor. There are a lot of companies with a front desk directly on the harbour, the choices are multiple: Lobos water taxi, Lobos ferry, private boat rental Lobos, glass bottom boat Lobos

Cheapest way to get to Lobos ? The fastest and cheapest way to get to the island of Lobos is with a water taxi, the boats are faster and there are less people embarking and disembarking. Moreover, it is the same price as slower and bigger ferries to Lobos. All-in all, there are many ways to get to the island but you shouldn’t pay more than 15 euros for the two-way trip to the Lobos harbor.

P.S. Your ride won’t look like the boat in the picture

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One day on the island of Lobos

Considering you can only spend 4h on the island, we think that there are two ways to approach a day trip to Lobos Island. Either you are in an active mood and want to see most of the island while you are there, or else you want to take your time, sunbath, eat at the restaurant and enjoy the beautiful Lobos beaches.

Active day on the island of Lobos

So, you arrive on the islet of Lobos and the countdown starts, you have 4 hours to discover this exquisite and unique place on earth.

Hike around the Islet of Lobos (2h30)

First of all, we recommend the hike around of the entire island, it should take you between 2h30/3h if you walk at a normal pace ( this does not include long breaks). We suggestthat you start by heading towards playa de la concha de Lobos, starting the tour of the island from the west coast. That way, you finish your Lobos hike by discovering the village and harbor of el Puertito which is absolutely stunning, authentic and home to the only restaurant Lobos Island, a traditional restaurant with an incredible view. Below we will give more details About the different Lobos points of interest along the hiking path.

Lobos Island points of interest

Lobos beach La Concha

10 minutes from the Lobos Harbor where you were dropped of

Los Lobos surfing - the longest wave in Europe

10 minutes from Playa de la Concha on the West Coast

Lobos Volcano Hike

You'll reach the bottom of the volcano after 25 minutes and count 10 minutes to get to the top

Punta Martino Lighthouse

45 minutes from the Harbor of Lobos

Las lagunitas de Lobos

25 minutes from the Lobos Lighthouse

El puertito Lobos - Restaurant Lobos

Should be reached after 2h/2h30min, have a well deserved beer and paella in the restaurant, you are 8 minutes away from the embarking zone for the boat back to Corralejo

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Los Lobos surfing – the longest wave in Europe

On days of big swells, the west side of the Lobos Island is home to the longest wave in Europe, they can peel along the island for as much as 400 m. If the wind is in the right direction and the waves big, you can watch the surfers tackle this beast breaking along the rocks. The waves start at the foot of the volcano, approximately 20 minutes away from the Lobos boat drop-off.

Lobos Island Volcano La Caldera

The Lobos volcano of La Caldera is the highest point of the island and culminates at 127m. It is a short hike to the top (10 min) and you will have a great view of the entire islet of Lobos. Most of the top part of the Lobos volcano is inaccessible to tourists as it is a protected nesting grounds for seagulls, please make sure to respect the rules and the wildlife.

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Beach Lobos Island – Playa de la Concha Islote de Lobos

Playa de la Concha is 10 min away from the Lobos Harbor, this is one of the most beautiful beach Fuerteventura, shaped like a crescent, white sand and crystalline waters are awaiting. It is protected from waves and an ideal place for swimming, sunbathing and snorkelingLobos Island.

Punta Martino Lighthouse Lobos

This Lobos lighthouse is located at the very northern tip of the island. You will reach it approximately 1 hour after getting dropped off by the boat. This light house, built in the 19century, is one the oldest in the Canary Island. It has a beautiful viewpoint on Lanzarote and is definitely a place to see.

Las Lagunitas Lobos

Las Lagunitas is a special place on the island because it is home to a plant that is endemic to the islet of Lobos! That means that this is the only place in the world where this plant exists! In addition to that, the shallow lagoons are often a resting place for migratory birds and diverse fauna and flora. These lagoons are sitting on the way back to the village of el Puertito.

Eat at the los Lobos restaurant in el Puertito (Lobos islet village)

You will reach el Puerto at the end of your Lobos Island tour. This traditional fishing village, of just a few houses, is an absolute gem. Probably the most instagrammable beach Fuerteventura. In addition to that, it is also home to a wonderful tiny Lobos restaurant with a magnificent view on the Lagoon (we really recommend the paella <3).

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Lobos Island - Visit the island of Lobos
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