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Kitesurf Spots in Fuerteventura

Kitesurf Spots in Fuerteventura

Kitesurf Spots in Fuerteventura

There are so many kite surf spots in Fuerteventura, the wind statistics are great and there are kite spots for all levels.

Kitesurf guide Fuerteventura / Best kite spots Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Fuerteventura is one of the kitesurfing capitals, of Europe and there are good reasons for that. Wind stats in Fuerteventura are the best in the Canary Islands. During the wind season in Fuerteventura you can ride absolutely every day and often with winds over 20 knots. In addition to that, there is an amazing variety and diversity of kitesurfing spots in Fuerteventura. In this article we will present the best kite spots of Fuerteventura for beginners and intermediate as well as wave spots for kitesurf in Fuerteventura.

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Best kitesurf spots in Fuerteventura for beginners and intermediates

Flag Beach

The kite spot of Flag beach is one of the most famous of the island and is a 5 min car ride from the center of Corralejo Fuerteventura North. It enjoys calm waters as the islands of lobos protects it from Northern swells. It rarely gets big swell here unless there is a massive north East Swell that gets through. Strong tradewinds  rom the East will awaken some wind swells for some perfect ramps. It works best with NW winds and at high tide. Be careful of the rocks popping out randomly when you get in or out of the water especially if the tide got low.

Easy access to the water, the beach is spacious, sandy, and full of people willing to help.  the main hazard remains the crowds. During kite surf high season Fuerteventura, the wind is 15 to 20 knots, every day, from the side. It’s a perfect beginner kite surf spot in Fuerteventura.

El Cotillo – Lagoon del Tostón

This is a small lagoon, just under the lighthouse, 1 m deep and a beautiful white sandy bottom. Aim for high tide and enjoy one of the most beautiful and flattest kitesurf spots of Fuerteventura. The lagoon is not very long, around 200m but it one of the best kite flat spot in Fuerteventura. Ideal for beginners and early improvers, local kite teachers often give their kite lessons here. It’s a great kite spot to improve in a safe environment.

Costa Calma – Fuerteventura South

Even if the south does not have that authentic Fuerteventura vibe, it has good kite surf spots for beginners. It is a flat water kitesurf spot with the occasional wave days, there is constant wind during the Fuerteventura wind season, from 15 to 28 knots. It works best with Easterly wind, the more north the wind gets, the more it is gusty do to the massive tourist resorts built in front of the beach. Barely an hour drive from Corralejo it is a good kite spot if you are staying in the South.

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Sotavento Lagoon (big tide days)  

One of the most famous spot of the island that held Kite surfing world competitions. The wind blows 20-30 knots (offshore/sideshore) and can be quite gusty. The particularity of this spot is that, when tide coefficients Sotavento are high, a lagoon fills up creating a huge flat water kitesurf spot perfect for beginner. Check this link to know when you can kite on the Sotavento Lagoon. The beach and the lagoon are so large that it can safely welcome hundreds of kitesurfers without it being a problem.

When the lagoon is not working, this kitesurf spot is not suitable for beginners, due to the direction of the wind and its gusty nature.

Best kitesurf waves spot Fuerteventura – Kite spots Fuerteventura

El Cotillo, Piedra Playa – Beach break

Cotillo is a kite surf spot in Fuerteventura recommended for kitesurfers who like fast waves. It’s a beach break with waves breaking close to the shore at high tide. There is a dedicated kite surf area, in the middle of the beach. It’s a spot that gets all Western and Northern swells, it gets easily big in winter and a paradise for strapless kite surfer or those who want to ride waves. The wind can easily turn offshore but you will have a lot of days with northern side shore winds. Easy entrance to the water, rarely crowded as you have to pass the shorebreak.

Majanicho – North Shore Fuerteventura

Majanicho, is one of the best kite wave spot of Fuerteventura, located in a bay that flattens the water, the waves are often huge and clean. You will find wind foilers, wind surfers, surfers… One of the most ridden kite surf wave spots of Fuerteventura that gets every inch of swell offered. Be careful though, it can get massive, don’t let your eyes fool you from the beach but you can long right hand waves perfect for maneuvers on long walls. Access is a bit rocky and much easier at high tide.

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El Burro (Glasbeach) – East Coast Fuerteventura

Kite surfing el Burro, is the promise of great waves, strong winds and easy channel. The wave breaks over shallow reef but offer long left handers and constant sideshore winds. It needs a big North East swell to light up or a good windswell and south East winds. There is a bay that makes going out very easy, just be careful and rocks and urchins and prepare to share with windsurfers.

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Mejillones (Pop Corn Beach) – North Shore Fuerteventura

A more local kitesurf spot Fuerteventura not recommended for everyone, if you come out here you better know how to hold your own in waves of consequence. It picks up more swell than Majanicho but the waves are way steeper and the reef is close. Access to this Fuerteventura North Shore kitespot is from a protected bay, but you still have to deal with the rocks.

Kitesurf Spots in Fuerteventura
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