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Intermediate surfers guide Fuerteventura

Intermediate surfers guide Fuerteventura

Intermediate surfers guide Fuerteventura

Hopefully this intermediate surfers guide Fuerteventura helped you choose the best spot for your next session!

Intermediate surf spots Fuerteventura

If you are coming to Fuerteventura for the first time, this intermediate surfers guide Fuerteventura will help you in your quest for the perfect wave! Find easy waves in Fuerteventura, the island is perfect for all levels and offers a great variety of intermediate surf spots. So read more below for more information on the best surf spots in Fuerteventura.

Majanicho inside

Majanicho inside is a spot that works quite often. It is a reef break, so we can recommend you to wear shoes. If the other spots at the north-shore are too big to surf this is the place to be. With a light onshore winds this spot is still surfable.

This spot is perfect for intermediate surfers. The spot is suitable for beginners as well but only if you already know your basics, know how to use a channel and are up for some paddling. From the little beach you can get in the water, you will directly entering the channel from this spot.  

There is mostly a chilled right hand wave. Not too steep and also suitable for soft top boards. Note: after you surfed a wave make sure that you use the channel to get in the lineup again.

You can easily find this spot. Drive down the Majanicho road from Lajares. When you arrive at Majanicho village the spot can be found at the right side of the village.


Caleta inside is a surf spot suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers. Confident beginners can surf here too but you have to know the basics.

This is a reef break providing both left and right handed waves. It works best during winter time, and with the right conditions the waves can get quite big.

There can be a strong current some days dropping you exactly at the peak of the waves. If you don’t know how to use channels it is better to pick another spot.

We recommend to use shoes at this spot. There is no lifeguard on duty here.

From Majanicho just follow the off-road road to your right. It is the first surf spot you find after Majanicho and you will see a lot of parked cars. There is a parking next to the spot but we can recommend to park close to the main road and walk down because the road to the parking is a tricky one especially for non 4X4 cars.

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Punta Elena Rocky Point

Punta Elena, also known as Rocky Point, is Corralejo’s main surfing spot. It usually is a long left hand wave, but it is also possible to surf a right hand wave here. The surf really starts to work when the north shore is big and a peak breaks out between Lobos and Corralejo. Mostly works during winter time.

The spot is only surfable at high tide, with low tide the rocks start to get visible and it can become dangerous to surf this spot. We highly recommend you to wear shoes.

On a good day this place can be crowded. There is a long stretched line-up. Outside the waves can become big and a bit steep, but the inside also creates some smaller and white water waves. Also suitable for beginners.

There is no real channel out so a big tip is to drop the wave when it starting to break.

Hopefully this intermediate surfers guide Fuerteventura helped you choose the best spot for your next session! You can also check our beginner surfers guide Fuerteventura and our surf spots guide Canary Islands.

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Intermediate surfers guide Fuerteventura
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