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Fuerteventura Beach Guide

Fuerteventura Beach Guide

Fuerteventura Beach Guide

People from all over the world come to spend their holiday in the Canary Islands, notably to take advantage of the warm weather...

Fuerteventura Beach Guide

Best Fuerteventura Beaches

Best beaches Corralejo

Playa de la Goleta – Corralejo

This is the longest town beach of Corralejo, it is a 5-min walk from the city center and is relatively protected from northern winds. The water is calm and transparent, perfect to enjoy a swim on a sunny day. Despite its central location, this Corralejo beach is rarely crowded. It is also a starting point for windsurf and wing foils in Corralejo.

Playa la Clavellina

The most central beach Corralejo, it is a small and coveted white sand beach, in the heart of the town. There are good fish restaurants overlooking the beach and nice views of the Corralejo harbor.

Grande Playas Corralejo – Corralejo Dunes

This is the longest stretch of beach in the Canary Islands, 9 km of pristine waters and white sand with the dunes of Corralejo in the background. The Corralejo Dunes have been used to shoot many movies (Wonder Woman) as its yellow sand Desert does its best Sahara lookalike. We also included a Fuerteventura beach map with all the beaches we talk about in this Fuerteventura north Best beach guide This stretch includes beaches such as:

Flag beach

The most famous kite surf spot in the island is also perfect to relax and enjoy the view on Islote de Lobos, the bottom is a mix of sands and rocks. And, except on big swells, you can easily enjoy a swim.

El Bajo negro beach

If this beach wasn’t home to the horrific RIU hotels that were built there in the 70s, it is definitely a dream beach Fuerteventura, with lifeguards on duty, a beach bar, beach volley fields and so on. It is the perfect beach for families, easy access and parking and even fresh water showers.

El burro beach – Glasbeach

Famous with surfers, kitesurfers, beachgoers, and all-around nature lovers. El burro beach is beautiful with sand dunes and volcanoes in the background. It is also a great snorkeling beach Fuerteventura when the water is calm, just don’t swim there if the red flag is telling you not to.

El Moro Beach – Playa del Morro

One of the most famous spots for beginner surfers Fuerteventura. Most days it enjoys nice and mellow waves that are perfect between low to mid tide. At high tide they will break directly on the shore. Be careful when there are waves, the entrance and far end of the beach have dangerous currents. Be sure to respect the red flag when it is up, don’t make the lifeguards’ jobs more difficult.

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Best Beaches El Cotillo

Piedra Playa

This Cotillo beach is a 5-min walk from the city center, it’s a long stretch of sandy beach coveted by cliffs and facing the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean. In winter, waves can get really big and scary here, as they break very close to the shore and originate in the deep end of the Atlantic. On small days, it is a good beginner beach break Fuerteventura

La Concha

In our eyes, playa de la Concha is one of the most beautiful beach in Fuerteventura north. This coveted beach welcomes calm water, white sand and a tropical vibe. It is the perfect place to watch a sunset and grab a beer at the exquisite beach bar el Torino. It is the perfect place for families and people who want to enjoy a swim in the afternoon sun. It is located right to the north of el Cotillo within walking distance of the Cotillo old harbor

El Cotillo Harbor

The Cotillo harbor is a must visit in Fuerteventura! This traditional fishing town has kept its traditional vibe and it is really worth a visit. Take your time to stroll through the small alleys, white houses and local bars and restaurant. There is also a small beach on the harbor if you want to take a quick dip before heading to a cafe or restaurant.

Wildest Fuerteventura Beaches

Punta Blanca

This is the most famous beginner surf spot Fuerteventura but also a beautiful and wild Fuerteventura beach! It is accessible from Cotillo or Lajares through the North Shore dirt track. It will take you, respectively 10 or 15 min by car to reach your destination. You can enjoy an afternoon at the beach and protect yourself from the wind in the rock formation.

Playa de Esquinzo

Definitely one of the best sunset spot Fuerteventura, playa de Esquinzo is a magnificent beach surrounded by high cliffs and facing the full force of the Atlantic swell. It is an absolute favorite for photography enthusiasts, surfers, and nature lovers. As this side of the island faces directly the ocean, don’t swim there on big swell days, you’ll be surprised how quickly a situation can become dangerous.

Playa de Jarugo

This beach is hard to reach but worth the reward! Approximately 30 minutes from Lajares, you will have to take the dirt road for approximately 20 minutes before finding this piece of paradise. Located on the west coast of Fuerteventura this beach is perfect for spending an entire afternoon, surfing, jumping of rocks, and even swimming in natural pools. It is a very wild and beautiful place in the middle of volcanoes.

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There is so much more to Fuerteventura

More beaches, more secret spots, more villages and more adventure, head over to our blog to discover many more secrets of Fuerteventura.

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Fuerteventura Beach Guide
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