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Corporate Retreat Canary Islands - Company Offsite

Corporate Retreat Canary Islands - Company Offsite

Corporate Retreat Canary Islands - Company Offsite

What are best company offsite destination in Europe? Let us help you decide which...

Corporate Offsite Fuerteventura

Company Retreat Canary Islands

Corporate staff retreat : a must do

The COVID pandemic has radically transformed the way we think about work. Now, it is possible to run a company from an island in the middle of the Atlantic. As a result, remote working has become the norm in many tech companies with their teams spread all around the world. However, it is still considered best practice to organize team building corporate retreats, company retreats, or company offsites. Indeed, a company staff retreat is the best way to get your employee’s creative juices flowing. As well as getting them to know each other outside the work environment, corporate retreats are also a great way to keep up motivation and create awesome memories. So don’t hesitate to organize your corporate retreat Canary Islands today!

Best offsite destinations Europe

What are best company offsite destination in Europe? Let us help you decide which awesome place you’ll choose for your company retreat.  After that, we’ll talk about organizing a company offsite in the Canary Islands and why we think the Canary Islands are one of the best places for a company staff retreat in Europe. And finally, we’ll talk about organizing a corporate retreat or a company offsite in Fuerteventura.

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Best European Destinations - Company Offsites - Corporate Retreats - Company Retreats

Company retreat Madeira, Portugal

Price: Low cost of living, all commodities are cheaper than in the main European Countries

Access: Many flights from most European capitals, but the price can be a setback as well as the 5h+ of flight time

Weather: Good temperature overall, but changing weather and subject to storms and heavy rainfalls

Activities: Lots of outdoor activities:  hiking, surfing, kite surfing, sailing, cultural tour, local food experiences.  The islands are beautiful, with lush forests and unique landscapes.

Going Out: This is not Ibiza, but you’ll find great bars to grab a drink after a hard day’s work and team building activities.

Company retreat, Highlands, Scotland

Price: Scotland is a pretty expensive destination as the currency is higher than the euro. Expect above average prices for most commodities, except for a pint of Guinness in a local bar.

Access: Easy access and low-cost flights to Glasgow and Edinburgh. You can organize busses for transport from the airport to the final destination

Weather: Scotland isn’t famous for pristine weather conditions but the sun shines multiple times during the day, it’s better to see the glass half full.

Activities: Lots of outdoor activities:  hiking, fishing, cultural tour, local food experiences.  The Highlands are a unique and magic place to discover.

Going Out: Find a local pub and grab a pint of Guinness, you don’t need more than that. Head to Glasgow for proper going out experiences.

Corporate Retreat, Limassol Cyprus

Price: Prices in Cyprus are similar to that of Hungary or Romania, even though Limassol is the most expensive city there, it is still a very affordable destination

Access: Easy access and low-cost flights can be found all year, 4h flight from most European Cities

Weather: One of the best weather you can find, can get really hot in summer but it is a great winter getaway

Activities: Many cultural sights, ancient Greek ruins as well as museums, but without forgetting the beautiful white sand beaches

Going Out: This is more like Ibiza, you’ll find a vibrant nightlife, and great atmosphere for going out during your corporate retreat.

Company offsite Lisbon, Portugal

Price: Portugal is one of the best options for a cheap company retreat in Europe, with the minimum wage at 600 euros, most commodities are very affordable.

Access: Easy access and low-cost flights from all over Europe.

Weather: The weather is usually good but winter gets pretty cold and the water temperature is always freezing, even in the summer.

Activities: Lots of outdoor activities:  surfing, fishing, kite surfing as well as many cultural activities in the city, local food experiences and so on.  Lisbon is a beautiful city and there are great places to discover around the area as well

Going Out: Lisbon is a vibrant city and the nightlife is varied and exciting, a bit of everything for everyone.

Company offsite Canary Islands, Spain

Price: Cheap, most commodities are much cheaper than in mainland Europe, and 2 euro pints are a given. Your corporate retreat Canary Islands will cost less than having it in countries with a higher cost of living.


Low-cost flights from all over Europe’s major cities to all major islands (Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Lanzarote, La Palma)

Weather: The islands of eternal spring! The Canary Islands are renowned to host one of the best weather in the world with over 300 days of sun and year round good temperatures

Activities: Lots of outdoor activities:  hiking, fishing, sailing, food tour, snorkeling, kite surfing, surfing, dolphin watching, dune buggy tour…. On top of that, there are beautiful beaches to just enjoy a day at beach.

Going Out: It really depends on the island, and the place you are staying, but in general there are many places to go out with 1 euro shots and 2 euros pints.

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Canary Islands (Spain)- Best destination for company offsites in Europe?

Corporate Retreat  Canary Islands

There are many possible destinations for your company offsite in Europe, we think that Spain’s Canary Islands is one the best. Indeed, the weather is perfect all year and the cost of living, and organizing a workcation, is low. In addition to that, you are sure to make your employees feel privileged by taking them to such a unique and dreamy location. Indeed, you can expect beautiful beaches, great food, amazing team building activities, as well as high-end service.

Corporate event venues

In addition to that, there are plenty of venues for your company retreat Canary Islands. You can be sure to find all-inclusive formulas to welcome your company staff retreat in the best possible conditions.

Corporate Retreat Fuerteventura

The best way to organize a corporate retreat in the Canary Islands, is to find a partner you can trust to take care of everything for you. It needs to be a stressless experience for you and your employees. The objective is to focus on getting work done and having great team building activities whilst enjoying fine food in an exceptional place.

Company offsite in the Canary

The Canary Islands offer the best for your company offsite or your corporate retreat. Depending on what you are looking for, you can focus on wellness through yoga, meditation and sports. Else, you can decide to simply enjoy the beautiful beaches, and organize different group activities for your employees such as snorkeling, hiking, boat excursions and the list goes on. So do not hesitate anymore on your next destination for a company retreat, you will not regret choosing the Canary Islands.

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Organize Corporate Retreat in Fuerteventura

Company Offsite Fuerteventura

At Surfescape Fuerteventura, we provide everything to organize your business events Canary Islands. We are located on the Island of Fuerteventura – the new hub for digital nomads in Europe. During the winter, we welcome digital nomads for short or long term stay in our Coliving and Coworking Fuerteventura.

Why should you choose Surfescape as a partner for your company staff retreat Canary Islands?

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  • Coworking Space
  • Conference Room
  • High speed constant Wifi
  • High-end Accommodation
  • Dedicated retreat planner for a tailor-made corporate retreat
  • Customized schedule with activities
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included if needed (onsite restaurant and bar)
  • 24h Onsite Service
  • Onsite surf school, swimming pool, yoga studio…
  • 100 partners for activities (dune buggy, diving, boat excursions, kite surfing, Snorkelling, Yoga, Meditation, Sailing…)
  • Airport transfer and mobility partner (buses or rental cars)
  • All-inclusive Corporate retreat

    The Canary Islands are the perfect getaway for remote working in the sun whilst going surfing or kite surfing in the evening. Our facilities can welcome up to 30 people, with space for everyone, a private office, a conference room and an onsite restaurant, café and bar. You can privatize our Coliving and Coworking and we’ll organize your all-inclusive corporate retreat tailored to your every need! We are very flexible and want to ensure the best experience for you and your employees.

    We are located in the beautiful town of Lajares with volcano views and a 10 minutes car ride to the best beaches for surfing and kitesurfing in Fuerteventura.

    Corporate Retreat Canary Islands - Company Offsite
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